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注:此样稿已被处 理,其具体数据、地点已被模糊处理!
 It is the first sedimentary stratum above the regional metamorphic crystalline basement and consists of a formation of marginal-littoral-foreshore terrigenous clastic rocks and carbonate sediments with regional metamorphism ranging from low hornblende facies to high greenschist facies.
该组地层为覆盖在 区域变质结晶基底上的第一组沉积地层。岩性为滨海边缘相陆源碎屑和碳酸盐沉积物,区域变质作用为低级角闪石相到高级绿片岩相。
Chalcopyrite fills gaps and/or fissures in mesograined pyrite and is symbiotic with native gold, electrum, pyrite, galena, sphalerite, stephanite and proustite, forming crystals and embedding structure.
黄铜矿充填在中粒 黄铁矿的缝隙和/或裂隙里,与自然 金、银金矿、黄铁矿、方铅矿、闪锌矿和淡红银矿共生。形成粒状和包含结构。
The No. 9 vein zone is located 3 m to 40 m east of and parallel to the No. 8 vein gradually diverges to the north. It has a strike length of 310 m bearing 25º-50º dipping steeply SE at 58º-78º and with a width ranging from 0.5-1.00 m. Exploration has shown the mineralization as weaker and quite wide. Underground exploration encountered erratic mineralization and only one sample (0.2 m long) assaying 1.46 g Au/t, exceeded the current cutoff grade. The gold grade in all other samples was less than or equal to 0.29 g Au/t.
9号矿脉带位于 8号矿脉东40m,与其平行,向北 部逐渐分支。走向长310m,走向25º-50º,倾向南东,倾角 较陡58º-78º。宽度变化范围为 0.5-1.00 m.。勘探表明矿化较 弱但宽度大。地下勘探揭露矿化不稳定,只有一个样品(0.2m长)的分析结果超 过了当前最低边界品位,1.46 克/吨。其他样品的金 品位均不超过0.29 克/吨。
The general model of the gold mineralization at the NMA property is believed by Prof. Chen to be one of gold and poly-metallic mineralization related to the hydrothermal systems (mesothermal-epithermal) associated with the underlying magmatic and subsequent tectonic activity related to the intrusive and extrusive volcanic activity associated with early and late Jurassic volcanism. Satellite data interpretation supports the general model of one or more a caldera ring complexes with both radial NNW and concentric ENE fault systems.
教授认为(私人通 讯),NMA矿区金矿化总体模 型是一个与热液系统(中温-低温热液)相关的 金和多金属矿化。早侏罗和晚侏罗发生的火山作用,导致岩浆侵入和火山喷发,热液系统与有关下部岩浆岩和后期构造活动有关。卫星资料解译表明这个模型为一个或多个环状破火山口杂岩体,放射性北北西和同心东北东断裂体 系。
While WGM agrees with this general model, during the site visits and tours of the ENE trending adit noticeable increases in mineral content and alteration was observed associated with cross cutting NNW trending structures. Furthermore all of the mineralization being exploited on the neighbouring (to the east and north east) Real Gold mine, is derived from NNW bearing fault structures. The remote sensing images, also shows these NNW faults. Such multidirectional mineralized structures are common for mineralization related to caldera structures and ring fracture systems.
WGM公司认可该总体模 型,在现场考查和东北东向平硐参观过程中,观察到成矿物质含量的增加和蚀变与北北西向横断层有关。此外正在瑞金金矿周围(东部和北东部)勘探的所有矿化都来自于北北西断裂构造。遥感图像也显示出这些北北西向断裂。 不同方向的矿化构造通常与破火山口构造和环状断裂构造相关。


Exploration surveys focused on the underground levels of Vein No. 8, 4th (873 m), 5th (832 m) and 6th (793 m). 
The detail surveys (Table 8) included: 1) establishing survey control; 2) topographic measurements; 3) geological surveys; 4) geological section profiles; 5) electrical surveys; 6) preparation of plans and sections from all underground workings; 7) systematic sampling of mineralized bodies, gold-bearing alteration zones, ceilings (backs) and floors; 8) near surface trenching; 9) diamond drilling; 10) engineering geotechnical studies; and 11) collection of various samples for chemical analysis and metallurgical test work.  The field work was finished in December of 2008 and the indoor data processing and the final reporting was completed during from January to April of 2009 producing a Chinese style feasibility study for the proposed development of the gold deposit. 
勘探测量集中于 8号脉第4中段(873米)、第5中段(832米)和第6中段(793米)三个地下标高 位置。
详细的测量工作( 表8)包括:1)建立测量控制; 2)地形测量; 3)地质调查; 4)地质剖面图; 5)电法测量; 6)准备所有地下工 程的平面图和剖面图;7)对矿体、含金蚀 变带、巷道顶板(顶壁)及底板系统采样;8)近地表的槽探; 9)金刚石钻探; 10)岩土工程研究; 11)为化学分析和冶 金试验工作采集各种样品。野外工作于2008年12月结束,室内数据 处理以及最终报告在2009年1月至4月间完成,进而为 该金矿床的计划开发而进行中国式的可行性研究。
Detailed grid mapping is 20-40×40 m in bedrock areas, and less in areas of quaternary cover.  In the former mining area, the altered fracture zones greater than 0.5 m, the geological units of greater than 20 m length and the structural fracture zones, are all captured on the map.  The scale of the geological profiles is 1:1,000.
在基岩地区详细的 网格填图为20~40×40米,而在第四系覆 盖区则要稀疏些。在先前采矿的地区,大于0.5米的蚀变破碎带、 长度超过20米的地质单元和构 造破碎带都在图中给予绘出。地质剖面图的比例尺为1:1,000。
Trenches were dug to a maximum depth of 3 m, to test the surface mineralization.  The mineralized zone and related alteration zones were all channel sampled.  Sampling was either on the side wall or in the base of the trench and sketches (profiles) of both were prepared the scale of 1:100. 
为检测地表矿化, 探槽最大挖掘深度3米。矿化带和相关 蚀变带都是刻槽取样。对探槽壁或槽底进行取样,且对二者均进行了1:100比例尺的素描。
There is a predetermined format for grid line numbering such that it is consistent everywhere.  All samples are identified with specified nomenclature, such as drill hole numbers are all prefixed by ZK (e.g.) for easier identification in the national data base.  Individual sample numbers whether adit trench samples or drill core samples are prefixed by H. 
网格线编号采用先 前决定的格式,以便各处一致。所有的样品可通过专门的命名辨认,例如钻孔编号均加以前缀“ZK”以便在国家数据库 中更易识别。不管是平峒样品、探槽样品还是钻孔岩心样品,单个样品的编号被加上“H”前缀。


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